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iFramix Pack(Free Shipping)

iFramix Pack(Free Shipping)

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  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • The iFramix Pack includes iCharguard (charging module), so no additional purchase of iCharguard is necessary.
  • Currently, only certain iPad models are supported. Support for all iPad models is expected by June.
  • Apps Free to Use

Creating iFramix has been a challenging journey. Now, let's delve deeper into iFramix.

iFramix comprises three parts: Wood Frame Kit +Charging Module + Dedicated Apps.

1. Wood Frame Kit

There are ten details hidden within the frame kit, reflecting our thoughtful approach to the iPad frame.

  1. Hinged assembly: Opens and closes in one second, making it easy to insert and remove your iPad.
  2. Concealed charging slot: Ensures the frame's overall beauty and tidiness.
  3. Selected solid wood: lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Easy to operate: You can turn the iPad on and off without opening the frame, and the rear camera is not obstructed.
5. Wall-mountable
6. Support stand: Can be placed horizontally or vertically.
7.Velcro: Secure Charging Cable

8.There are currently nine different screen sizes for existing iPads, which means we need to create nine different types of white cardstock to accommodate all iPad screens.

9.The purpose of the holder spacer is to precisely position the iPad in the center of the frame, ensuring it doesn't wobble. After measuring the external dimensions of all iPad models, we created five different thicknesses of spacers, which, combined with various frame sizes, accommodate all iPads.

10.Due to the use of solid wood materials, the assembly process is much more complex compared to typical industrial products. It involves integration with screws, hinges, and MDF, requiring that the margin of error be controlled within 1mm. This demands that every frame, once completed, is checked with White Cardstock to ensure the internal dimensions meet the requirements. If any frame does not match the specified dimensions, it must be manually corrected. Therefore, about 70% of the frame production process is carried out by hand.

This might just be the most complex wood frame in the world.

2. Charging Module: iCharguard

iCharguard serves two crucial functions:
  • Adapter;
  • Monitoring and controlling the charging process.

Function 1: Adapter
The two ports are at a 90-degree angle, enabling perfect concealment within the slot; iCharugard comes in two models: 30-pin and Lightning, and will soon support iPads with Type-C ports.

Function 2: Monitor and control charging progress
  • For iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1, due to the lower iOS versions on these models, the iCharguard cannot directly read the iPad's battery level. Instead, it monitors changes in charging voltage and current and uses machine learning to estimate the iPad's battery status. To ensure the iPad remains powered, iCharguard mostly maintains the battery level between 99-100%, achieving a dynamic balance to maximize battery protection.
  • For other iPad models that can install the iFramix HD app, iCharguard can accurately read the iPad's battery level via iFramix App.It starts charging when the battery drops below 30% and stops charging when the battery exceeds 95%.

3. Dedicated Apps

We have developed a series of applications for old iPads, transforming them into digital photo frames, clock displays, weather displays, and much more.

Apple has stopped supporting several older iPads, including iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1. Because of this, we needed to create three different solutions for these iPads. This was a big challenge, but we managed to do it.

Here are the three solutions for the two types of iPads:


For iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Mini 1
the highest supported iOS versions are below iOS 10, and they cannot download any new apps. Therefore, the features we develop need to be implemented based on the Dolphin browser.
Through our Web App(Safari Web), you can access features including:
  • Digital photo frame
  • Weather display
  • Clock display
  • Night mode
(since the ipad 1 can only be updated to ios 5, some features are limited, and it can only function as a digital photo frame.)


We might be the only team in the world still developing apps for the iPad 1.

For iPads other than the iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1:

You can use our specially developed iFramix HD App, available for download through the Apple Store on your iPad. And we are actively developing new features for iFramix HD.

Through iFramix HD for iPad, you can access features including:

  • Digital photo frame
  • Weather display
  • Clock display
  • Night mode
(More new features are continuously being developed.)

In addition to the three apps developed for iPads,
We also developed Android and iPhone versions of the iFramix App to enable control of iPads.
This means that we have developed a total of 4 Apps(or web application) to help users better utilize your iPads,
and all these Apps are free of charge.

Third-party apps:
We are aware that the functions of our developed apps are limited, so you don't have to restrict yourself to them. For instance, you can use the built-in apps on your iPad and third-part apps,
such as Music, Calendar, and Clock.

If you have downloaded other third-party apps on your iPad that are suitable for display in a digital frame format, we encourage you to share them with us. We aim to let more users know about these apps. Once we collect useful apps, we will also share them with you via social media and email.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Although setting a price of $85 for this product would align with conventional pricing norms, we ultimately decided to price it at around $59 (including $10 for shipping) to make iFramix more accessible to a wider range of iPad users.

We may later increase the price to $69, as we have invested significantly in both software and hardware development. Pricing it at $59 might place us near the break-even point, especially since we need to continually invest in server support to provide ongoing service and maintenance for our applications.

There are 400 million iPads worldwide that are old or unused, representing a significant waste of resources. If iFramix can add value to these devices, it would be the greatest significance of creating iFramix.

That concludes our introduction to iFramix. Thank you for staying with us until the end.


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