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How do I determine my iPad model?

You can identify your iPad model by checking the information on the back of your iPad, Model: A-xxxx, and refer to the comparison table to determine which generation your iPad belongs to. For example, if your model number is A1474, it indicates you have an iPad Air. Here's the comparison table link: https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/6165-how-to-identify-your-ipad-modelhttps://www.iphonelife.com/content/which-ipad-do-i-have-how-to-identify-different-ipad-models-generationsAlternatively, you can quickly find out by typing your model number along with the keyword "iPad" on Google.

Why does my iPad always show 100% battery life, and what is iCharguard's role?

We've been testing over 20 older iPads long-term and implemented the following control strategy:For iPads with iOS versions below 12 (including iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1), we determine the battery level by real-time monitoring of charging voltage and current. However, this method isn't entirely accurate due to variations in battery conditions among older iPads. For iPads our algorithm can't accurately assess, we take a conservative approach by trying to keep the charge close to 100% to ensure continuous operation. We're currently exploring ways to increase accuracy using large models (AI techniques).For iOS 12 and above versions, since there's an app version of iFramix HD, it can read the precise battery level through the app, allowing for correct control over charging and discharging. You can achieve better results with recent app upgrades. We've limited the control range between 30-95%, meaning charging stops at 95% and starts at 30%.

iCharguard won't bind; what should I do?

--First, watch the video manual to ensure you have bound an iPad.--Make sure the WiFi you're trying to connect to is working correctly, with the correct SSID and password (pay attention to case sensitivity and spaces), and that it's not a 5G network as iCharguard only supports 2.4G WiFi networks.--If it doesn't work on the first try, change the location and try pairing again.

iCharguard can charge, but it can't keep up with my iPad's power consumption; what should I do?

This issue is related to the charger and cable you're using. Please ensure you're using a charger with at least 5V/2A voltage and current. If you're using a 1A charger, it might not provide enough power.