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iCharguard-Charging Module

iCharguard-Charging Module

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iCharguard serves two crucial functions:
  • Adapter;
  • Monitoring and controlling the charging process.

Function 1: Adapter

The two ports are at a 90-degree angle, enabling perfect concealment within the slot; iCharugard comes in two models: 30-pin and Lightning, and will soon support iPads with Type-C ports.

Function 2: Monitor and control charging progress

For iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1, due to the lower iOS versions on these models, the iCharguard cannot directly read the iPad's battery level. Instead, it monitors changes in charging voltage and current and uses machine learning to estimate the iPad's battery status. To ensure the iPad remains powered, iCharguard mostly maintains the battery level between 99-100%, achieving a dynamic balance to maximize battery protection.

For other iPad models that can install the iFramix HD app, iCharguard can accurately read the iPad's battery level via iFramix App. It starts charging when the battery drops below 30% and stops charging when the battery exceeds 95%.


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