Brand Story

As an avid fan of Apple products, I've watched with a mix of fascination and concern as iPads, once the epitome of cutting-edge technology, have increasingly been left to gather dust. In my own home, two iPads – an original iPad 1 and an iPad Mini 3 – have been lying unused for years. This scenario is far from unique to me. Statistics reveal that of the 400 million iPads sold globally before 2017, over 60% are now in a state of long-term disuse. This not only represents a tremendous waste of resources but also poses a potential threat to our environment through electronic waste.

Driven by a desire to address this issue, we embarked on a journey to create a product that could unlock the latent value of these old iPads, thereby reducing the potential for electronic waste pollution. Our inspiration came from seeing how some individuals repurposed old iPads as digital photo frames. This innovative idea sparked our imagination, yet we were acutely aware of the challenges that had prevented widespread adoption of this solution, including the difficulty of use, the complexity of installation, compatibility issues across different iPad models, software limitations due to outdated iOS versions, and the risk of battery swelling from continuous charging.

Determined to overcome these hurdles, we developed iFramix – a product designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our frames are handcrafted with 70% of the processes completed manually, blending cool technology with a warm human touch. We developed five versions of our application, including a web app for iPad 1, H5 apps for iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Mini, and tailored apps for other models, along with Android and iOS versions for smartphones. These apps unlock a suite of features like digital photo albums, clocks, and weather displays for free. Additionally, our iCharguard battery management module ensures iPads are protected from overcharging.

As a startup team, bringing iFramix to life was no small feat. We approached every user feedback with reverence, committed to refining and improving our solution. Today, iFramix has awakened thousands of dormant iPads, breathing new life into them. Our mission is to see millions more old iPads revitalized through iFramix, making them valuable once again.