400 million old or idle iPads

You own an iPad, it might be old or seldom used.

You are not alone.

Globally, there are approximately 400 million old or idle iPads;

This represents a tremendous waste.

This is why we make iFramix.

Introducing iFramix


70% of the processes are completed by hand.

Selected solid wood

lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

Hinged assembly

Opens and closes in one second, making it easy to insert and remove your iPad.

Concealed charging slot

Ensures the frame's overall beauty and tidiness.


Secure Charging Cable

Support stand

Can be placed horizontally or vertically.


Easy to operate

You can turn the iPad on and off without opening the frame, and the rear camera is not obstructed.

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Foam Spacer

We have designed foam spacers in various thicknesses to accommodate all iPad sizes, ensuring a precise fit and stability within the frame.

White cardstock

Used in conjunction with the frame, white cardstock enhances the aesthetic presentation of the iPad. With a thickness of 1mm, we have designed nine sizes of white cardstock to accommodate all iPad models.

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Function 1: Adapter

The two ports are at a 90-degree angle, enabling perfect concealment within the slot;

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Function 2: Monitor and control charging progress

For iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1, due to the lower iOS versions on these models, the iCharguard cannot directly read the iPad's battery level. Instead, it monitors changes in charging voltage and current and uses machine learning to estimate the iPad's battery status. To ensure the iPad remains powered, iCharguard mostly maintains the battery level between 99-100%, achieving a dynamic balance to maximize battery protection.

For other iPad models that can install the iFramix HD app, iCharguard can accurately read the iPad's battery level via iFramix App. It starts charging when the battery drops below 30% and stops charging when the battery exceeds 95%.

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Challenging App Development Process

Due to Apple's varying support for the highest iOS versions across different iPad models, we cannot use a single solution to accommodate all iPad models; therefore, we developed 2 sets of software to match iPads from different generations.

For iPad 1/2/3/4/Mini1

the highest supported iOS versions are below iOS 10, and they cannot download any new apps.

Therefore, the features we develop need to be implemented based on the Safari browser.

Since the iPad 1 can only be updated to iOS 5, some features are limited, and it can only function as a digital photo frame.

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For other iPad Models

For models other than iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, and Mini 1, the iFramix HD App can be downloaded directly from the App Store of iPad to access all its features.

No matter whether using iFramix HD or Safari Browser, the presentation effect is basically the same.

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Apps for iPhone and Android

We developed Android and iPhone versions of the iFramix App to enable control of iPads.

This means that we have developed a total of four Apps(or web application) to help users better utilize your iPads, and all these Apps are free of charge.

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